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Diversity in Health Care Scholarship and Stipend Program

Health care careers offer security, opportunities for growth and the chance to make a difference in people's lives.

Health care may be among the most challenging, yet rewarding career paths you can choose, as you contribute to the well-being of people and communities. With close to two million job openings each year projected through 2031, the health care sector also continues to be one of the fastest growing in the U.S. Hospitals across Southern California urgently need talented, compassionate and diverse professionals for positions in primary care, nursing, lab technology, administration and many other areas.

If you work at a Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) member hospital and want to further your health care career, take the next step toward your dream. Apply for an undergraduate or graduate scholarship, or a College to Career Diversity Internship (CDIP) stipend, through Communities Lifting Communities and HASC.

About CLC and HASC

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) is a nonprofit community health improvement afflilate of HASC. CLC (EIN 85-3745993) accomplishes the Association's charitable objectives and provides resources to reduce disparities and increase health equity in Southern California. Learn more at

HASC is a not-for-profit 501(c)(6) trade association that advances the interests of hospitals in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. We comprise 176 hospital and 31 health system members, plus related organizations, all with one goal: to improve the operating environment for hospitals and the health status of their communities. Learn more at

Diversity in Health Care Scholarship and Stipend Program

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) and the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) are pleased to offer the Diversity in Health Care Scholarship and Stipend Program. This is a competitive process and all eligible applicants will be evaluated by the CLC/HASC Evaluation Committee using a standardized scoring system.

This program is open to all employees of HASC member hospitals, with special consideration given to applicants from communities that have historically been underrepresented in health care. Scholarships and stipends are limited by available funding. The CLC/HASC Evaluation Committee will review candidates and choose a limited number of recipients as funding allows.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all components of the application are complete and accurate. Incomplete applications, or applications received after the deadline, will be deemed ineligible.

Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarship applicants will be notified in August regarding their status in the selection process. Scholarship monies will be disbursed to the educational institution by August and are intended to be used beginning with the fall semester.

Stipend Assistance Program - College to Career Diversity Internship Program (CDIP) applicants may apply after you have been matched to a host hospital. CLC will access the necessary information through your Health Careers Connection Advisor. Stipends will be disbursed after you have completed all deliverables for your 10-week internship.


How to Apply

1. Register

Click the "Register" button and complete and submit the registration form.

2. Login

Click the "Log in" button at the top right of the page. Enter your email and password to access the scholarship application site.

3. Create

Create your online application.

4. Save

During the Call for Applications period (April 1,2024 - May 31, 2024), your application can be saved as DRAFT until all the required information is completed and attachments are uploaded. As each section is complete, you will see a appear in the category tab when the application is saved. At any time, you can download and print your application by clicking on the icon in the Application Summary section.

5. Submit

Once your application is complete, click the "Submit as FINAL" button. Download and print a copy of your application for your records by clicking on the icon in the Application Summary section in the right column. Note: You may update your application up until the submission deadline by making your changes and resubmitting them as FINAL.

If you require assistance or additional information, please contact

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'm a child of a HASC member hospital employee. Am I eligible?
A. Only if you also are employed by a HASC member hospital.

Q. I’m planning on starting classes in the fall. Am I still eligible?
A. Yes, if you’ve been accepted by the institution and enrolled in the program.

Q. Am I eligible if I take a single course?
A. This scholarship is intended for completing coursework that will result in a health care degree. You would be eligible if this single course will result in your receiving a degree or certification, and if the fee is not significantly less than the scholarship award amount.

Q. I’m not employed directly by a HASC member hospital, but by the hospital’s clinic. Am I still eligible?
A. Yes, if the clinic is owned by the hospital.

Q. I’m earning my degree in business. Am I still eligible?
A. Yes, if you intend to use your degree in a health care setting. However, preference is given to clinical health care degrees.

Q. I’ll be graduating in August. Am I still eligible for the scholarship?
A. You are not eligible unless you plan to continue your education for at least another full semester, since scholarship funds are distributed directly to the educational institution in August for tuition for the beginning of the academic year.

Q. I’m currently in the active military with the possibility of deployment during the next year. Am I still eligible for the scholarship?
A. Yes. Scholarship funds are sent directly to the educational institution, and as long as you are an enrolled student, the funds will be available through the school’s financial aid offce and can
be carried over until you return from deployment. If your academic status changes and you’re no longer a student, the scholarship funds will be forfeited and returned by the institution to CLC.

Key Dates

Scholarship Program Schedule
April 1, 2024 Applications accepted
June 15, 2024 Applications Deadline
June – July Review and selection of awardees by HASC staff and advisory committee
August Awardees notified


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